28 June
Photograph of artist with Courtney Daunt, pro bono lawyer from Hall & Wilcox, at Wik & Kugu Art Centre in Aurukun, Queensland, while on an outreach visit with Arts Law. Photo by Donna Robinson. © Arts Law 2019.

Arts Law completes their first year of partnership with First Languages Australia

Arts Law has just completed our first year of partnership with First Languages Australia and their 30 plus Indigenous language centre members. 

During the first year of the partnership, our focus was on developing templates and materials to support language centres in carrying out their activities in addition to legal advice where needed and leading education workshops. We are now entering the second year of our partnership which will continue this work with a focus on Arts Law conducting further education and outreach visits to many of the language centres throughout Australia.  

During this coming year, the PULiiMA Indigenous Language and Technology Conference will be held in Darwin in August 2022, which will be a tremendous opportunity to meet up with people involved in this sector. This will coincide with the commencement of the UNESCO Declaration of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages from 2022 to 2032. This decade is intended to empower Indigenous language users and encourage mother tongues to be used in public life, particularly in education but also in justice, media, and health programs.

Arts Law is looking forward to the continuing partnership with First Languages Australia to provide support and education to language centres stretched across Australia.

Find out more about First Languages Australia and their great work here.