SUBMISSION: Select Committee on Adopting AI

On 10 May 2024 Arts Law made a submission to the Select Committee on Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI). The committee called for submissions about the opportunities for and impact on Australia arising out of the uptake of AI technologies in Australia. Our submission focused on the impact of generative AI technologies on artists. Generative AI … Continued

The Public Domain and Mickey Mouse 

Copyright protects works such as art, music, films and books. The “public domain” refers to works that are not protected by copyright.

Arts Law turns 40!

Between Feb 5th and Nov 11th we will be sharing facts and stories about our organisation to increase awareness of our legal services.

Au Revoir to Arts Law’s Student Volunteers

Volunteers are integral to Arts Law’s identity. From our brilliant pro-bono lawyers to students, the time and expertise volunteers dedicate to our organisation enables us to expand our reach and impact.

Arts Law’s Incoming CEO Shares A Statement

Artists and creative industries have benefited enormously from Robyn’s dedication to the organisation and from her extraordinary vision and contribution to the field.

Beware Copyright Phishing Scams

Artists and arts organisations are particularly vulnerable to copyright infringement phishing scams – so be careful!