27 May

Years 8 to 14: How Much Do You Know About Arts Law? 

Arts Law published another seven fun facts across our social media in April and May, celebrating years 8 through to 14 of our operations. These facts are more than just pub trivia, helping to shine a light on some of our services, initiatives, and achievements of Arts Law that support artists.  

Eight: Arts Law have had 8 different Directors and CEOs over our 40 years. Founder Shane Simpson; Natasha Serventy; Michael McMahon; Ian Collie; Julie Robb; Delia Browne; Robyn Ayres; and now Dr Louise Buckingham have all led our organisation. Meet today’s Board and Staff now

Nine: Jumping forward and 2009 saw the introduction of resale royalties for artists. Not sure what they are or how they affect you? Request our help today or read our free information sheet.

Ten: We launched our Raw Law legal resources in 2010. We also recently added to these with the wonderful, whimsical videos by Greg Sindel of Studio A. These resources play an important role in our work to support artists with disability. 

Eleven: 10 + 1 = 11, and that’s how many Indigenous Language Centres Arts Law have advised in Australia. Familiarise yourself with our diverse Artists in the Black program now. 

Twelve. The year 2012 saw us make more submissions to Government than ever before, with a total of 22. That’s still a record to this day. However, submissions are only one part of our essential advocacy work. 

Thirteen: Our very first Reconciliation Action Plan was adopted way back in 2013! You can read up on our current plan as we work towards our most ambitious RAP yet, a Stretch RAP.  

Fourteen: Thank you for 14 years of subscription to Arts Law. For nearly a decade and a half, artists and other professionals have come to Arts Law for our expert, artist-first resources and advice

“For over forty years and under ten different Prime Ministers, Arts Law has proudly supported Australia’s artists and creative communities. With the challenges to creators and creative economies presented by generative AI, the ongoing implementation of Revive the Albanese Government’s national cultural policy, and the ongoing work internationally and domestically around protecting Indigenous cultural and intellectual property, Arts Law will continue to stand with creative artists in the years to come.”

Louise Buckingham, CEO, Arts Law Centre of Australia

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