30 November
Dr Louise Buckingham. Artwork by Andrew Leslie.

Arts Law’s Incoming CEO Shares A Statement

It’s such an exciting time to be joining Arts Law. The team – staff, volunteers, board and stakeholders – are incredible. Artists and creative industries have benefited enormously from Robyn’s dedication to the organisation and from her extraordinary vision and contribution to the field.

Arts Law’s advocating (and agitating) for law reform and justice affecting artists and the arts sector have bolstered the landscape for creators and made Australia better all round. The provision of excellent legal advice that might otherwise not be accessible, special concern for First Nations’ artists’ rights and ICIP in Australia are something Robyn and the team can be extremely proud of.

The strength of what Robyn has established over her 20-year commitment to the organisation means that we’re in a great position to confront the various challenges of the moment and face a future that will ideally involve rich cultural lives for all Australians. We envision a future based on a legal landscape that values creators and creators’ rights, and artists who are equipped with the tools to utilise and uphold them and whose voices are heard.

I’m humbled and honoured to have been entrusted with continuing the wonderful work and initiatives Arts Law has done under Robyn’s direction, and to facing the future together with creators and communities across Australia. I take seriously our mission of empowering artists and creative communities through the law, guided by our values of excellence, accessibility, integrity, collaboration and innovation. I am thrilled to be doing such meaningful, impactful work with extraordinary people.