SUBMISSION: Senate Inquiry into the Aboriginal Flag

Earlier this month Arts Law CEO, Robyn Ayres, was invited to give evidence at the Senate Inquiry into the Aboriginal Flag. You can read a full transcript of the Inquiry here. Arts Law has since made a submission to the inquiry that emphasises the importance of acknowledgment and respect for Mr Harold Thomas’s intellectual property … Continued

Folk Federation of Tasmania’s Song and Tune Writing Awards 2020

About Arts Law regularly reviews the terms and conditions of competitions and rates them out of five stars. Our review looks broadly at the terms and conditions of a competition. In particular, we look closely at how a competition deals with an entrant’s copyright and moral rights, and consider this in light of the prize. … Continued

HCP Digital Art Prize 2020

This is very much a topical competition in the current COVID- 19 environment. The competition is described as “a new national award for digital art, promoting contemporary visual art for screen, including video art, custom software, hypertext and art games”.

Archibald Prize 2020

Arts Law reached out to the Gallery to suggest ways their terms and conditions could be improved to make them as artist friendly as possible. We were really pleased with the Gallery’s response – it was enthusiastic about listening to our suggestions and its subsequently revised its terms and conditions, taking on board the most part of our suggestions.

Fake Art Harms Culture Campaign – Proposed legislation rejected by Parliament

By Lee Elsdon (Solicitor, Arts Law), Roxanne Lorenz (Solicitor, Arts Law) and Kelvin Yeung (Intern, University of Sydney Law School)  In 2016, Arts Law together with the Indigenous Art Code and the Copyright Agency launched the ‘Fake Art Harms Culture’ Campaign to raise awareness of the growing presence of inauthentic ‘Aboriginal style’ art and craft products and … Continued

Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize 2020

Arts Law reviewed this art prize last year and gave it a 4 out of 5. At the time the competition organiser indicated that they were going to look at improving the terms for this year. We are pleased to see that the organiser has made some positive changes to the terms to make them more artist friendly.

Submission: Review of model defamation provisions

Defamation law is one of the many legal areas that Arts Law advises on. Arts Law primarily provides pre-publication advice however also assists in the pre-litigation process through the review or drafting of correspondence between parties. Arts Law makes this submission on behalf of our broad client base .


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