Tax Tips for Arts Organisations- Hobart

Arts Law is teaming up with Creative Partnerships Australia and the Australian Taxation Office to present a free workshop to provide managers and staff of arts organisations with essential tips and advice on taxation law.

Arts Law lobbies for mandatory Art Code

Arts Law is a passionate supporter of the Indigenous Australian Art Code of Commercial Conduct (Art Code) which was introduced in 2010. Today, Arts Law showed its continued support of the Art Code by lobbying the Federal Government to make the Art Code mandatory.

About Governance & Tax

Arts Law advocates for effective governance frameworks within the arts sector to provide stronger ethical and economic support to artists. Arts Law campaigns against governance policies which impose unnecessarily burdensome administrative obligations on non-profit organisations while supporting best practice standards of transparency and accountability. Arts Law also closely monitors the impact of tax law and Australian Tax Office rulings on artists. It advocates for clearer and more effective frameworks governing tax implications which address the ways in which professional artists carry on a business. On this front, together with the National Association for the Visual Artists, Arts Law has lobbied against the removal of laws permitting artwork to be held in superannuation funds. 


After 7 years of advocacy by Arts Law and advocacy partner, National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA), the Australian Tax Office has made a public ruling on what it means to be carrying on a business as a professional artist.

Tax Submission

Arts Law was actively involved in joint advocacy strategies with NAVA and supported by tax lawyers Judy Sullivan and Jill Savage of Mallesons as well as Delia Browne in getting a public ruling which properly recognises the way artists carry on their arts businesses.