Entertainment Industry Act – Proposed New Code of Conduct

Arts Law support the introduction of a mandatory Code for performer representatives. ALCA is pleased to provide its submission on the draft Code to the NSW Industrial Relations Office and commends the State Government’s ongoing commitment to engage with the arts community in this consultation.

We support the Government’s objective of amending the legislation and implementing an industry code of conduct in order to provide greater protection for artists. However, in order for legislative changes to achieve any form of practical success it is imperative that artists within the industry are educated about their rights and responsibilities, and that there is effective enforcement of the Act and any Code of Conduct.

About Performers’ Rights

Arts Law has long advocated both nationally and internationally for the protection of performers in audiovisual works be brought into line with the current protection afforded to performers of audio works. It also advocates for stronger protection of performers’ rights though better regulation of the entertainment industry. Arts Law supports best practice within the industry by urging respect for the moral rights and copyright of performers.

WIPO AV Performances Treaty

After more than 12 years of negotiation, a new treaty which recognises the rights of audiovisual performers in their performances is set to become a reality.