25 February
John Waight and Robyn Ayres at Yabun Festival, 2020. © Arts Law. Photo by Emily Phipps.

Farewell John Waight

Arts Law | Artists in the Black is sad to announce that John Waight, Artists in the Black Coordinator, is leaving this role after more than two years. John is joining the National Art School (NAS), where he will serve in a newly created position, Head of First Peoples Programs.  

Since he began at Arts Law in October 2019, John has been an invaluable colleague, mentor and leader in our team. John’s big picture thinking has helped Arts Law create and deepen relationships with key strategic partners, and his initiative has helped to broaden the reach of Arts Law’s legal and education services, to secure philanthropic support, and to encourage us all to think proactively about the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists navigating new technologies, trends and creative practices.  

A founding member of the Artists in the Black Committee of the Arts Law board, John’s vision for Artists in the Black and his passion for supporting artists and people in need have helped ensure that Arts Law continues to deliver meaningful, culturally appropriate and relevant services nationwide. This is in addition to his work on outreach trips across the country, his delivery of education seminars, and the cultural education he has provided to staff, secondees, volunteers and external lawyers.  

Arts Law | Artists in the Black has benefited greatly from John’s significant experience in the arts and culture space, with John helping to identify and connect with new clients and contacts who make use of our services. John’s rare ability to set people at ease in stressful circumstances with warmth, empathy and good humour has helped foster trust and goodwill with staff, clients, stakeholders and strategic partners alike – this is just one of the many reasons he will be greatly missed. 

On behalf of the staff and board of Arts Law | Artists in the Black , and the many people who John has supported and worked alongside during his tenure as Artists in the Black Coordinator, we would like to wish John success and best wishes with his new and exciting role at NAS.