20 June

Get to Know Eliza Ronan!

Joining Arts Law as a secondee from the Australian Government Solicitor, where she is undertaking the 2023 graduate program, Eliza Ronan comes to Arts Law having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media) with a Bachelor of Laws from Macquarie University. In writing her thesis on the possible expansion of the meaning of joint authorship under Australian copyright law, taking Remy the Rat and TikTok’s Ratatouille: The Musical as her inspiration (a bizarre production deserving of widespread obsession during the COVID lockdowns), Eliza’s studies ultimately collided together.

Alongside dabbling in copyright law, Eliza is particularly interested in defamation law, and enjoyed spending a majority of her previous role as an associate researching the topic. She considers her interest in media law a natural progression from a childhood in the Qantas choir. Outside of work, Eliza enjoys good food and wine, and taking part in book club with her girlfriends.

We’re excited to grow our impact with Eliza!