Have your say about copyright and generative AI

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Copyright and Artificial Intelligence Roundtable Update: Attorney General’s Department seeks information from rightsholders.

The Attorney-General’s Department is seeking information from stakeholders on how copyright materials (images and text including artwork, books and so on), are currently being used, or could be used, in Australia as inputs for generative AI systems or tools.

As participants in the Copyright and Artificial Intelligence Roundtable and steering committee, Arts Law has been provided with a questionnaire that copyright owners are invited to complete. 

Please let us know via the email link below if you are able to provide examples of how (to your knowledge or belief) your copyright material (your artistic or creative work) has been used in Australia as inputs in the development, deployment and/or operation of AI systems. This could be work that has already been used or is currently being used in the development of generative AI or how you see it could be used in the future.

The Attorney-General’s Department is not seeking information about uses of copyright material (Australian or otherwise) as generative AI inputs outside of Australia.

We understand that it will be almost impossible for Australian creators to know that their copyright material has been used (ingested or scraped) by generative AI systems and tools, and we are committed to ensuring that appropriate safeguards and commitments to transparency are achieved, as well as streams of revenue from using their work and a means for moral rights to be adhered to.

If you have any insights to share, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at [email protected].