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Performers’ rights

Actors, circus performers, musicians, dancers and other live performers may have performers’ rights in their performances, read on to learn more about these rights.

In this information sheet:

  1. Which performances involve performers’ rights?
  2. Copyright in the sound recording of a live performance
  3. Other restrictions on the use of performances
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The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (Copyright Act) establishes the copyright in works and other material (such as sound recordings and cinematographic film) and also describes three categories of rights or protections that may be available to any person who qualifies a ‘performer’. The rights or protections that flow from status as a performer are:

a share of the copyright in sound recording of a live performance that is granted to performers by virtue of s22 and s97 of the Copyright Act;
the moral rights of a performer described in Part IX of the Copyright Act; and
the performer’s protections in Part XIA of the Copyright Act related to authorising the recording, reproduction and communication of a performance.

There are exceptions and limitations to these rights, which are discussed in this information sheet.

Which performances involve performers’ rights? 

Copyright in the sound recording of a live performance 

Other restrictions on the use of performances 

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