7 April
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Know your Rights: Free Webinar Series

Arts Law is launching a suite of free webinars to support artists, creators and the arts community.

Confused about the law and how it applies to your practice? This webinar series will help you know your rights. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions from our lawyer who can point you in the right direction.

Use your time in isolation to upskill. Learn important business practices that will help you to build and maintain your arts practice. These education sessions are designed to give you the skills and the knowledge to advocate for yourself and make the most of the work you create.

This webinar series is free to artists, creators and arts workers.

Stay tuned. More sessions and topics will be announced soon.

Playing Fair: Prizes and Competitions

With galleries closed and gigs cancelled, prizes and competitions can be a great way to get your work out there and potentially add to your income. But what about the “terms and conditions”…? Are there legal ramifications for you and your copyright? It really depends on the wording of each competition, and in this session we unpack some of the things to look out for and be aware of when submitting your creative work.

This session is also great for galleries or competition organisers who want to make sure their prizes are fair and artist-friendly.

This session is relevant to all artists and creatives across all art forms.

23 April – 10:00am REGISTER NOW

Social Media: The pitfalls and potential of online platforms

Are you spending more and more time online? Talking about, showcasing and creating content online? Social media spaces are busier than ever and many are turning to the arts for inspiration, entertainment and sanity.

Not sure if you should jump in to promote and present your work? Have you already made the plunge but need help navigating the fine print?

This session will cover the risks and common pitfalls of using social media as part of your arts practice and teach you how to make it work for you. We will take you through the important “legal side” of harnessing social media to benefit you and how to protect your work, including delving into the fine print.

This session is relevant to all artists and creatives across all art forms.

16 April – 10:00am REGISTER NOW

Copyright: Making the most of what you make

Creating art means creating copyright. Your copyright is one of the most important things you as a creator can own and understand.

In this session you’ll learn how to make the most of the work you create and ways to monetise your work outside of gigs, events and exhibitions. Let us walk you through owning and using your copyright, knowing your moral rights as well as creating copyright with other people.

This session is relevant to all artists and creatives across all art forms.

7 April – 10:00am

7 April – 6:00pm

Dotting the I’s: Understanding contracts

Have you had a contract cancelled suddenly and didn’t know what to do?
Have you had a project fall through and no contract to protect you?
Have you been asked to sign a contract you didn’t understand?

Understanding you contract means you have the power to negotiate a better deal or get out of a bad one. This session takes you through how to make and negotiate a contract and some of the key terms to look out for in agreements.

This session is relevant to all artists and creatives across all art forms.

2 April – 10:00am

2 April – 6:00pm