21 July

Lawyer by Day, Writer By Night – Meet Chloe

She’s an administrative litigator by day and a fiction writer by night – that’s Chloe Hillary. Chloe comes to us through the generous support of the Australian Government Solicitor, having been at AGS for three years and working in private law firms for many years prior to that. Taking a break from Court deadlines, Chloe has been immersing herself in all things Arts Law since February 2023

During her time at Arts Law Chloe has already provided valuable advices to our clients through the telephone legal service and document review service. Covering topics spanning copyright, moral rights, licensing, consumer law, contracts, defamation and even bailment, Chloe has dived straight into the thick of things here. She has also been helping to update and streamline our publications.

Wading into the complex world of wills and intestacy, Chloe is currently helping artists deal with their (or their loved ones’) estates and to think about what will happen to the copyright in their work once they pass away. Chloe has also been tackling the notorious flora and fauna information sheets that help artists figure out whether they’re allowed to use parts of plants and animals in their work (we can promise you that it’s more complicated than it sounds!).

Furthermore, Chloe has also been exploring the world of public art, helping Arts Law to understand the difficulties faced through all sides of a public art commission and helping to deliver education and resources to a diverse account of clients. Chloe has told us that she’s loving the opportunity to work with the team at Arts Law and to experience all facets of the legal service available to artists. Staying with us until December this year, she’s looking forward to working with more artists and exploring the interesting work that Arts Law delivers!