Protecting Your Copyright

Do you know how copyright works? And what it means for your art? Watch this animation and learn all about it! 

Writing a Will for Artists

Writing a will as an artist is very important. Watch this short animated video on how having a will protects your art and protects who will benefit from your art in years to come.

World Intellectual Property Organisation and Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property

Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO, discusses what the World Intellectual Property Organisation is doing within the context of Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property. Les Malezer, Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action, Australia and Marisella Ouma, Executive Director, Kenya Copyright Board also talk about the importance of the worldwide protection of Indigenous traditional knowledge and … Continued

Arts Law and NAVA: Personal Property Securities Act Seminar

Arts Law and NAVA held a seminar in 2013 on the impact of the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) on artists who deliver works on consignment to a commercial gallery or on loan for an exhibition. You can watch this two part seminar with Q&A at the end.

Koskela & Galiwin’ku weavers from Elcho Island Arts Collaboration Project Yuta Badayala

Sasha Titchkosky is a director of Koskela, an Australian homewares and lifestyle company. She discusses the processes involved in establishing a collaborative project with Galiwin’ku artists from Elcho Island Arts to create unique lightfittings. Their collaboration is called Yuta Badayala (In a New Light). In the above video, Sasha Titchkosky, a director of Koskela, discusses the … Continued