Learn how contracts can help you protect your rights, make sure you get a fair deal and avoid you getting ripped off.

How Can You Use Contracts?

A contract is a way of making promises to do (or not do) something. A contract is “born” when two or more people or businesses make promises in exchange for money (or something of value). Contracts should be in writing, but can also be verbal.

Written contracts protect you if things go wrong. For example, if someone says they won’t pay you what they agreed to, its helpful to have their promise in writing.

You need a contract if you are working on a creative project so that you know what to expect from the other person or business, and they know what to expect from you. Your contract might talk about money, copyright and credits.

We can help you:

  • look at your contracts and help you understand them.
  • with template contracts for common situations you might have.
  • with more information about what contracts are and how they work.

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Webinar: Contracts and collaborative fashion projects

The session focuses on contracts and fashion projects.You’ll learn what to look out for in a contract and what to do if things go wrong. Come away with tips and resources to help you build and use your own contracts.