27 June

Ashna is All Aboard Arts Law!

Beginning from the U.S., now to Sydney, Ashna Govil’s journey to Arts Law can seem strange. However, a passion for the intersection of arts and the law has proven a guiding light for our newest Paralegal.

Initially, Ashna studied a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Central Florida, double majoring in Political Science and Mass Communications. Running through her studies was always a personal passion for the arts. No doubt, being brought up in an artistic family, where dance, music and film were always close at hand, had left its mark. It was as a Juris Doctor student at the University of Sydney Law School, though, that Ashna became familiarised with Arts Law.

After first joining us as an intern last year, Ashna now returns as a Paralegal. Our team is ecstatic to see Ashna grow within the organisation, having recently graduated from her postgraduate studies. Alongside her previous intern experience here, Ashna has paralegal experience from her time at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and Influence Legal and legal research experience from working as a research assistant with the Dean of University of Sydney Law School.

Furthering her connection to Arts Law’s work, Ashna remains deeply committed to supporting and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices. With the Artists in the Black program being a core part of our organisation’s identity, this commitment won’t be left unfulfilled. Working at Arts Law will only further her strong passion for both music and the law and it will allow her to explore the legal aspects of the music industry while continuing to advocate for artists’ rights and creative expression.

Welcome back to Arts Law Ashna!