Repeal of unfair WA intestacy laws comes into full effect

Great news! The repeal of unfair WA intestacy laws came into full effect on Wednesday 7 August 2013.

of the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act 1972 (WA) – See more at:
WA Government repeals unfair intestacy laws

An advocacy victory for Arts Law and Aboriginal people in WA was achieved on 8 November 2012 with both Houses of Parliament passing a Bill to repeal unfair intestacy laws.

About Wills & Estates

For many artists, their intellectual property in their artistic and creative output is one of the most valuable and enduring assets in their estate. If they pass away intestate, this asset is often neglected or not understand, which can lead not only to a failure to protect the artist’s artistic  legacy, but to unchecked copyright infringements and a loss of value to the artist’s family. This is particularly true for Australia’s Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander artists living in remote and regional areas. Arts Law has delivered educational wills workshops throughout Indigenous communities in all states helping artists to make wills and, through its casework service, assisted many Indigenous families to manage intestate estates. It has campaigned tirelessly for amendment to the discriminatory Western Australian legislation which takes the right to manage the estate of a deceased Aboriginal person away from family and vests it in the Public Trustee. Arts Law also advocates for improved education about the importance of wills and how to draft a will, especially among Indigenous artists and artists from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds.

Arts Law speaks out against discriminatory law in WA

Executive director Robyn Ayres is quoted today in the Australian newspaper's article calling for the Western Australian government to repeal laws discriminating against Aboriginal people who die without making a will.