29 June
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

New contract templates for music collaborations and commissions

Are you a musician that’s been asked to write some music or would you like to commission someone to write a piece of music for you? It could be music to accompany a live performance, or a memorable jingle for a business or brand, or for the local dance school. 

If that sounds like you, whether you are the musician or the commissioner, then Arts Law’s new Music Commission Agreement can help you come to an arrangement that clearly sets out what the commissioner is paying for, and who owns the copyright in the musical piece and the recording that is used. 

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If you’re collaborating with other musicians, it’s important to agree up front how the copyright in the music, lyrics and sound recordings you collaborate on will be owned. This is because if the songs you write and perform together are successful, your copyright ownership will determine how much money you get from the songs’ income. 

Whether you’re starting to write and record songs together, or you’ve been doing it for a while, Art Law’s new Songwriting and Sound Recording Collaboration Agreement template can help you document how the copyright will be owned. 

It’s often easier to agree these matters before becoming successful. To find out more, click here.