29 June

Know Your Rights: FREE webinar series

Copyright can be complicated, do you know your rights? What about arts contracts and making sure you get the best deal? 

Arts Law is presenting a series of webinars and Law Chat clinics to empower you to Know Your Rights. We’ll talk about copyright, protecting your work online, how to read that contract and Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property.  

This series is a professional development opportunity for artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers and all other creatives. No matter what your practice is, this series will help build your business confidence so you can focus on what’s important – creating!  

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To book a 20 minute Law Chat with one of our lawyers email [email protected].

Copyright 101 

10am Tuesday 2 August 2022 

Creating art means creating copyright. Your copyright is one of the most important things you as a creator can own and understand. 

In this session you’ll learn what your rights are as a creator, what you can do to protect those rights and how you can use them to build you ats practice. Let us walk you through owning and using your copyright, knowing your moral rights as well as creating copyright with other people. 

Putting your work online  

10am Tuesday 9 August 2022 

Are you spending more and more time online? Talking about, showcasing and creating content online? Digital spaces are busier than ever and many are turning to the arts for inspiration, entertainment and sanity. 

How can you make the most of online opportunities while still protecting yourself against having your work stolen or used without your consent? 

This session will cover the risks and common pitfalls of using social media as part of your arts practice and teach you how to make it work for you. Learn more about licensing and how it can help you build your arts business.  

Understanding arts contracts  

10am Tuesday 16 August 2022  

Have you had a contract cancelled suddenly and didn’t know what to do? Or been left in lurch without a written agreement to rely on? Have you been asked to sign something you didn’t understand? 

Understanding you contract means you have the power to negotiate a better deal or get out of a bad one. This session takes you through how to make and negotiate a contract and some of the key terms to look out for in agreements. 

Creative Collaboration and the law 

10am Tuesday 23 August 2022 

Working with other creatives can mean sharing your space, your ideas and your copyright. This workshop explores creating and owning copyright jointly, incorporating a collaborative group, and some of the opportunities and responsibilities when collaborating with other artists.  

This workshop is for you if you’d like to update your knowledge for a more sustainable arts practice and get a clearer understanding of how you can make collaborative projects work for you and the people you create with. 

Respecting and protecting Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property  

10am Tuesday 30 August 2022 

Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artist who wants information about protecting artwork, culture and stories? This workshop explores the legal issues around protecting and respecting culture and heritage. Find out how about using Protocols and contracts to protect your culture and stories and implement best practice. 

Know Your Rights is supported by the Besen Foundation.