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Film/Video Sample Agreements Pack - Option B (No Budget)

The Film/Video Sample Agreements Pack - Option B (No Budget) contains 8 agreements designed for a film/video production where there is no budget to pay the cast or crew or to cover the cost of hiring locations etc.  If you are producing a film/video with a small budget that allows for payments to cast and crew etc., our Film/Video Sample Agreements Pack - Option A (Low Budget) may be more appropriate.

The No Budget Pack includes the following sample agreements:

  • Option and Purchase Agreement
    • For use when you want to secure the exclusive rights to develop a book, play or other existing work into a film.

  • Producer and Director Agreement
    • An agreement that covers the legal issues that commonly arise in producer/ director agreements, as well as the requirements of funding bodies.

  • Cast & Crew Agreement (with deferred fees)
    • Should be used when a producer who is not a member of Screen Producers Australia (SPA) is engaging crew and cast members for the production of a no budget film or video so that you can come to an agreement about how deferred fees will be paid if money ever becomes attached to the project. 

  • Film Location Deed of Release (no payment)
    • For use when a film producer wants to shoot a film (including a video) on private property. It is drafted mainly from the producer’s perspective. If a producer fails to obtain a Location Release, the producer could be liable in trespass or for doing other things for which there are legal consequences. This is a no payment deed.

  • Music Commission for Film
    • Should be used when a filmmaker (Producer) wants a composer/musician/band to create or adapt music for use in the filmmaker’s film.
  • Film - Licence to Use Artwork
    • For use when a film producer wants to use an existing artwork in a film (eg. animation in credits, artwork for the poster, or a use of an artwork within the film that isn't just incidental.
  • Film Loan Agreement
    • Should be used on a very low budget or no budget film when the film maker or film makers wants to borrow a small amount of money from a private individual (not a bank or government agency or funding body).
  • Performer’s Release
    • To give to a performer if you intend to record or broadcast a performance of a dramatic work or musical work (including an improvisation of either), a reading, recitation, delivery or improvisation of a literary work, a dance, a circus or variety act or a performance of an expression of folklore.

Additional Arts Law sample agreements that may also be relevant and can be purchased separately include the Film/Video Partnership Deed, the Film Loan Agreement, the Music Commission for Film and the Video Production Agreement.

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