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The cat’s out of the bag – Arts Law is celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2024! We celebrated our first seven years by releasing a series of fun facts across social media in February and March. If you missed anything don’t worry, we’ve summarised numbers 1 through 7 below. 

Year 1 – As the only community legal centre for the Arts in Australia, we’re driven to empower artists and creative communities through the law. You can request free or low-cost legal advice today

Year 2 – We’ve delivered over 2,000 workshops, lectures, webinars, and other events. Thousands of artists have learnt more about the law through these. Did you know that you can book us for your next training session

Year 3 – Ashna, Jess, and Lara are our three wonderful paralegals. They are often the first contact point for clients and do a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure clients get their advice. In the past you may have spoken to Georgia, Gabby, Jaz, or someone else. However, our focus remains the same – to provide confidential and friendly support for our clients.  

Year 4 – We’ve lived in four homes over the last forty years, from Woolloomooloo to Hyde Park, and now as part of Create NSW’s Haymarket Creative Hub! We’ve also gone digital.  You can access hundreds of resources, such as free info sheets, on our website. 

Year 5 – Much like how we service artists all around Australia, we bring the best and brightest to our organisation – no matter where they live. Our employees work across five different locations, including our new Solicitor Sarah, in WA

Year 6 – Yep, we really do help artists throughout Australia. From the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, our lawyers provide legal advice, professional development, and more. We were recently in the north and west of WA connecting with local art centres. 

Year 7 – Whilst a lot of people might remember the iPhone’s invention in 2007, equally important was the ‘invention’ of Arts Law’s outreach program. Our first trip took place that year and has only expanded since. Outreach takes our lawyers to regional and remote communities to deliver legal services these artists would not otherwise have access to. You can speak with Arts Law about outreach via our website.  

Seven years down, thirty-three left. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or X to keep updated. We can’t wait to share more stories with you!